Our Genetics Counselors provide expert guidance on the interconnectedness of genes, health, and family heritage by unlocking the intricacies of the genetic blueprint. By weaving together advanced genetic science with compassionate care, they help individuals navigate the complexities of genetic disorders, potential health risks, and familial patterns. Prime Physicians dedicated genetics professionals empower individuals’ health decisions with knowledge, clarity, and personalized insights. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Genetics Counselor in Healthcare: 

Patient Assessment: 

Gather comprehensive family histories to assess the risk of genetic disorders or inherited conditions. 

Evaluate individual and familial medical records to identify potential genetic implications. 

Genetic Testing Guidance: 

Educate patients about the benefits, risks, and limitations of genetic testing. 

Assist patients in making informed decisions regarding undergoing genetic tests. 

Interpretation of Test Results: 

Analyze and interpret genetic test results, understanding the nuances of genetic variations. 

Translate complex genetic data into understandable insights for patients.