Nursing services

Our focus of Telemedicine is on the acute care side with special emphasis on Tele-Hospitalist. Currently we are providing Tele-Hospitalist services to 4 different hospitals at night time.

Prime Physicians offers nursing staffing services for healthcare facilities, providing them with highly qualified and skilled nurses at all levels, including Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Specialty RNs. This staffing solution can help healthcare facilities to meet their staffing needs, ensure continuity of care, and improve patient outcomes.

Additionally, Prime Physicians also offers job opportunities for nurses looking to advance their careers or find new opportunities. Nurses can apply for positions at Prime Physicians and potentially work in a variety of healthcare settings.

Whether you are a healthcare facility in need of nursing staff or a nurse looking for new career opportunities, you can count on Prime Physicians to meet your needs. Their staffing solutions and job opportunities can help match qualified nurses with the right healthcare settings, ultimately benefitting the nurses, the healthcare facilities and the patients they serve.

Why Partner With Prime Physicians?

Thorough Screening Process

In addition to a criminal background check, we verify all providers medical education, State Licenses, DEA, OIG exclusion list, E-Verify etc.

Around-The-Clock Accessibility

Our team is available 24X7 for all urgent and emergent needs

Cost Effective Strategies

Provide a high quality care at a low cost

Motivated And Qualified Employees

Our employees and independent contractors are well motivated and strive for hard work