A Hemodialysis Technician is a healthcare specialist trained to operate and maintain hemodialysis machines, which are crucial for patients with kidney failure. Our hemodialysis technicians assist in the treatment of patients undergoing hemodialysis by ensuring the proper functioning of equipment and monitoring patients during the procedure. They play a vital role in providing life-sustaining treatment removing waste and excess fluids from the blood to maintain the health and stability of individuals with compromised kidney function. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Hemodialysis Technician: 

Equipment Setup & Operation: 

Prepare and operate hemodialysis machines, ensuring they function correctly. 

Calibrate equipment for individual patient treatments and monitor the machines during dialysis sessions. 

Patient Preparation: 

Position patients and ensure they’re comfortable before starting the dialysis procedure. 

Check vital signs, weight, and general health status before and after treatments. 

Vascular Access Care: 

Clean and dress permanent and temporary catheters. 

Assist with the insertion or removal of needles in fistulas or grafts.