Our Medical Physicists are highly specialized and ensure the safe and effective use of radiation in medical procedures. They play a critical role in cancer treatment, diagnostic imaging, and other medical applications of radiation. They maintain and calibrate equipment, develop radiation treatment plans, and monitor radiation doses to ensure precision and patient safety. Their expertise helps in improving the accuracy of medical procedures while minimizing radiation exposure to patients and healthcare staff. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Medical Physicist :

Equipment Calibration and Quality Assurance: 

Ensure that all radiological equipment is calibrated correctly.  

Implement and oversee quality assurance programs for medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment.  

Treatment Planning: 

Collaborate with radiation oncologists to design optimal radiation treatment plans for patients.  

Ensure the accurate delivery of the prescribed radiation dose while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues.  

Radiation Safety: 

Monitor and maintain radiation safety standards in the facility to protect both patients and staff.  

Advise on appropriate safety procedures and protective measures. 

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